Soccer Summer Camp Program

About The Program

Our coaching staff has created a thorough and comprehensive plan for both the full-day and half-day weeklong camp that includes warm-up exercises and games, coordination, speed and agility exercises, individual skills and group training, field activities, and small-sided games and scrimmages. Examples include, but are not limited to technique, ball control, passing, dribbling, crossing, and finishing. Each day a Brazilian soccer move will be introduced and practiced in a progressive way to be applied in game situations. Our coaching staff has had extensive experience with youth soccer players of ages and levels, from beginners to advanced and looks forward to working with every player. DBWSC offers excellent soccer training in a fun and safe environment.




If you are an existing member of the DB Wolf Soccer Club you do not need to register for tryouts.  You already have a spot on the next year’s team.

Contact us for further information by
Email: – (630) 201-0948 (via text message)

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The Program Include

“Coach Didi has a tremendous amount of talent that she is able to incorporate into each practice and game. She also works independently with her players and also works as a skills and goalkeeper coach/trainer.  Coach Didi enforces good teamwork on and off the field, and encourages her kids/players to be kind to one another and is always a great source of confidence for each kid. She encourages each kid to do a “little extra” each practice and game. Her love for the sport of soccer has allowed her to be able to provide and extensive amount of knowledge for male and female athletes. All the players have nothing but high respect for Coach Didi, as she always provides a very wide range of knowledge in her expertise of soccer as well as focusing on each player personal development, responsibility, respect, and discipline. “

Half-Day Camp

9:00AM - 12:00PM
$ 195
  • Monday through Friday
  • t-shirt included

Full-Day Camp

9:00AM - 3:00PM
$ 285
  • Monday through Friday
  • t-shirt included

Daily Rate

$ 45
  • t-shirt not included

Daily Rate

$ 65
  • t-shirt not included

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Don’t worry if you’re a beginner. We will train you. We just need to know your skills level before you can begin